Digitize your workplace health & safety program 

Strive for zero recordable injuries

Reducing the total amount of employee injuries should be the main goal of any companies safety program. 1st provides the tools you need to report, track and investigate workplace injuries.

  • Build and customize your digital employee injury report templates.
  • Efficiently and quickly report an employee injury report from any mobile device.
  • Conduct incident investigations and root cause analyses on any incident.

Be proactive in your safety efforts

An efficient safety program not only reacts to incidents but instead attempts to predict and prevent. With mobile safety inspection and checklist software all employees become a part of the safety mandate.

  • Provide employees with the tools to recognize and report near miss and potential workplace hazards.
  • Conduct and schedule routine site inspections from any mobile device.
  • Build safety checklists  and authorized work plans for dangerous work environments. 

Track and measure your safety ROI

Having all of your safety data in one easily accessible system allows you to quickly extract the metrics you need to share your safety efforts company-wide.

  • Generate daily, weekly or monthly reports summarizing  company wide incident trends.
  • Monitor safety performance year over year with all safety metrics in one accessible database.