Free Downloadable Vehicle Accident Report Form

Vehicle Accident Report Forms are vital for completing after an accident.

Managing a large fleet of vehicles is no easy task. Without immense levels of organization within management, it’s easy to let things slip out of control. That’s why having an easy-to-fill-out Vehicle Accident Report Form is an essential step in a controlled and organized fleet management strategy.

We’ve built a free and downloadable PDF for you to help keep your fleet incidents recorded. Tracking Vehicle Accident Report Forms are essential to a properly managed fleet.

With 36,560 deaths in 2018 from traffic accidents in the USA, it’s a situation any fleet manager wants to avoid. And having a log of Vehicle Accident Report Forms allows you to properly track and manage driver accidents and thus plan a strong preventive strategy.

The Free Downloadable Vehicle Accident Report Form Template

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The Vehicle Accident Report (page 1) by 1st Reporting.
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The Vehicle Accident Report (page 2) by 1st Reporting.

How To Use The Vehicle Accident Report Template

Having a simple-to-complete form in your organization is essential for timely reporting. When your fleet has many vehicles, having a tracking solution for your incident reports is vital to a successfully managed fleet. Take a look at the simple instructions for using our free downloadable template.

  1. Download the free Vehicle Accident Report Form template.
  2. Print the template on a regular piece of 8” x 10” paper.
  3. Include a template in your company fleet’s emergency response plans.
  4. Train your drivers to fill out and submit the Vehicle Accident Form in the case of a vehicular incident. Recording near-misses is a smart decision to a significant and trackable incident reporting strategy-especially when concerned with a fleet of vehicles.

Proper Vehicle Accident Report Format

Many companies who decide to spend time and money to have their own customized Vehicle Accident Report forms created often question what the proper format is. For example, knowing what data required for the report can make or break an accident case when dealing with authorities or insurance.

We’ve included the essential requirements on the downloadable template for you. But if you intend to create your form from scratch, keep in mind that several ought to find inclusion on the form.

10 Things To Include On Your Vehicle Accident Report

  1. Driver name 
  2. Vehicle information
  3. Insurance information
  4. Witness contact information
  5. Passenger information
  6. Description of the incident
  7. Officer/Police report information (if involved)
  8. Driver, vehicle, and insurance information of all drivers/vehicles involved.
  9. Time and location of accident/incident.
  10. Environmental conditions (was ice, rain, or poor conditions involved?)
If an accident occurs, complete a Vehicle Accident Report Form.

When To Submit An Accident Report To Police/DMV

In the United States, similar to other countries, there are legal requirements that employers must follow when it comes to submitting Vehicle Accident Reports for their company vehicles.

Usually, you need to call your local police department. However, in some instances, this is not the case. We’ve outlined the different agencies to contact below for the United States. 

Accident Reporting Requirements In The United States

As an employer, your company needs to be compliant with regulations regarding deadlines for submitting accident reports. Each state in the USA has its own particular set of rules regarding vehicle accident report submissions.

Below you will find a convenient table that will help you determine your requirements based on your particular state. Keep in mind that reporting accidents must be in the state where they occur. So, even if your company base resides in Denver, if one of your fleets involved itself in a vehicle accident in Maine, reporting must happen in Maine. 

Take a look here for your state-specific requirements. Keep in mind this chart and article do not constitute legal advice.  Whenever you are involved in an accident, you should notify local authorities immediately, regardless of apparent damage.

** Note ** If you have called the Police, they will file the report. Ask your attending officer if you need to take further action in the particular municipality where the accident occurred.  They will know best in case any legislation has changed.

How To Get An Accident Report Online

If you want to ensure that your company goes digital and that your accident reports are available online, the best solution is to use a cloud-based digital reporting solution. And here at 1st Incident Reporting, we’ve got that solution.

The 1st Incident Reporting App is more than just a digital solution to your Vehicle Accident Reporting process. It’s a trackable notification system that not only allows your drivers to fill out reports digitally in the field it also allows them to upload vital report information like photos right from their smartphone.

The application can be easily downloaded and set up on your company’s Android and iOS devices, allowing near-instantaneous reporting capabilities.

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