An inspector uses the Electrical Inspection Checklist (Easy Downloadable Template) by 1stReporting.com

Electrical Inspection Checklist (1 Easy Downloadable Template)

When doing a safety audit in the workplace, utilizing an electrical inspection checklist is essential to capturing all points of investigative interest during your inspection. However, finding a comprehensive yet manageable electrical inspection checklist to help meet a final project compliance audit can be challenging and even downright frustrating. So, we felt it was time […]

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Injury Report Template For 3rd Party Injury Incidents (Free And Downloadable) by 1stReporting.com.

Injury Report Template For 3rd Party Injury Incidents (Free And Downloadable)

The 3rd Party Injury Report Template Form is a downloadable template from 1st Incident Reporting, the 1st Incident Reporting App creator. The downloadable template includes several sections, including administrative information, incident type, incident details, injured party information, injured party details, and more, including but not limited to medical facility information where professionally trained support treated […]

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A Covid-19 (Virus) Daily Declaration For Your Business (Download For Free) by 1stReporting.com.

A Covid-19 Virus Daily Declaration Form For Your Business (Download For Free)

Use a virus daily declaration form – yes, you should. Covid-19, a disease caused by the coronavirus, is one of those mutating viruses that looks like it will stick around for a while despite vaccinations. With legislation changing from one week to the next, using a health declaration form for your business is not only […]

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A safety manager helps a team member with a respirator after using the Respirator Inspection Checklist by 1stReporting.com.

The Respirator Inspection Guide and Checklist (Download)

Respirator inspection is critical to maintaining safe working conditions. Depending on the atmospheric conditions, it could mean the difference between life and death. Due to the severity of the consequences of inaction, we’ve decided to help you with a handy respirator inspection guide and downloadable respirator inspection checklist. The Respirator inspection checklist is a crucial […]

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A Downloadable Inspection Checklist For Rental Property Inspections by 1stReporting.com

A Downloadable Inspection Checklist For Rental Property Owners

Looking for an inspection checklist for rental property inspections can be challenging. Luckily, we’ve got just the tool you need. A downloadable inspection checklist is a perfect tool for property owners such as yourself to maintain organized documentation of your property portfolio. Asset management can quickly become challenging if you don’t have adequate systems to […]

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An Unofficial OSHA Inspection Checklist For Your Company's Compliance

An Unofficial OSHA Inspection Checklist For Your Company’s Compliance

Compliance safety and health officers employed by the OSHA can show up at your work anytime. Using an OSHA Inspection Checklist to aid your company’s compliance and preparation for potential inspections is brilliant if you want to pass your inspections. So, we’ve developed a downloadable OSHA Compliance Inspection Checklist to do just that – help […]

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Site Visit Reports by 1stReporting.com

Site Visit Reports Templates For Your Business (Download Here)

Free site visit reports templates are hard to come by. Intelligent, well-thought-out site visit report templates are a rarity online. Most of the time, you’re stuck with either a) not enough information about a download someone wants you to pay for or b) something so bleak, so bland, that you will need to change half […]

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Warehouse Checklist Template by 1streporting.com

Warehouse Checklist Template For Multipurpose Reporting

Having a warehouse to run can be a lot of work. Using a warehouse checklist template to help with your warehouse reporting and auditing is a great way to make that work more manageable.  From a warehouse safety inspection to a daily warehouse audit, using the warehouse checklist template helps speed up and maintain your […]

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Only HVAC Commissioning Checklist at 1stReporting.com

The Only HVAC Commissioning Checklist You Need

Need an HVAC Commissioning Checklist? You’re in the right place. Commissioning a new or repaired heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system is critical for a successful system startup. Using an HVAC Commissioning Checklist to complete your pre-start inspection is not only a wise idea; it’s a necessity. To avoid poor quality inspections, we’ve put together […]

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