Incident Report Templates

Scissor Lift Inspection Checklist reviews are vital for maintaining equipment like a scissor lift shown in this file photo.

Scissor Lift Inspection Checklist (Downloadable And Easy To Use)

Scissor Lift Inspection Checklist tools are vital for operators to maintain consistent safety inspections of essential lift equipment. Utilizing a templated checklist for the equipment daily safety audit (or pre-use safety audit) will aid in uniform operations. It will also help reduce missed key safety points vital to a complete inspection. The Scissor Lift Inspection […]

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Checklist For Forklift Inspection

Downloadable Checklist For Forklift Inspection (Easy To Use Template)

Using a templated checklist for forklift inspection is a good idea for keeping your driver’s daily reviews on point. After all, it isn’t difficult to forget to check something if someone has had a rough morning.  Something as simple as a bad night’s sleep could lead drivers to forget to check an essential safety item. […]

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Safety Harness Daily Inspection

Fall Protection Safety Harness Daily Inspection Downloadable Template

Maintaining safe operations when team members actively work at heights is a challenge and a necessity. We all want our teams to find a peaceful end of the day to go home to their families, so ensuring that everyone follows the strictest safety protocol is essential. Using our pre-formatted Fall Protection Safety Harness Daily Inspection […]

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An ER doctor holds a SOAP Note Template

A SOAP Note Template Every Health Facility Should Use

Standardized assessments are a crucial tool for health care diagnostic structure and process. Utilizing the widely accepted SOAP format with a SOAP Note Template means that all healthcare professionals at your facility will follow the same documentation process. Utilizing a standard SOAP Note Template allows all healthcare practitioners to perform their assessments using a known […]

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Scaffold inspection is vital to worker safety.

A Scaffold Inspection Checklist For Your Business (Free Download)

Completing projects on time and without incident is vital to any project manager as you know. But with the hazards of working at heights, temporary platforms like scaffolding require regular maintenance and even more frequent inspection. Your best tool to complete this is a comprehensive Scaffold Inspection Checklist, like the one we have here today. […]

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A construction site safety checklist is vital to site safety.

Free Downloadable Construction Site Safety Checklist

A construction site safety checklist is vital because safety is no joke. You know that tight deadlines and inclement weather can easily sway site crews to make poor safety decisions. So, using a Construction Site Safety Checklist like the one is critical to maintaining safe daily operations. A Construction Site Safety Checklist (like the free […]

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Workplace Harassment Incident Form

Workplace Harassment Incident Form (Free, And Easy To Use)

No one wants to deal with workplace violence or harassment issues, no one. However, when the situation arises, managers have to step up and take control of problems before they escalate. And naturally, this entire process requires documentation. To make this easier, we’ve got a free downloadable template you can print and use to document […]

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Fire Drill Checklist

A Fire Drill Checklist For Your Business (Easy, Free 1-Step Download)

Conducting regular fire drills in your place of business is a critical exercise in safety. This procedure is made even easier for staff with a designated fire drill checklist as a reference for the process. Every business must be 110% vigilant of fire risks and ensure that all team members possess appropriate training. Here’s a […]

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Site Condition Report

A Site Condition Report Template For Assessing Job Site Conditions

Having a property site condition report completed prior to commencing with on-site projects is crucial to completing projects on time and on track. You don’t want to have to recreate the wheel every time you do a pre-occupation site check on a property, so using a template is vital to the successful termination of the […]

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