A Downloadable Inspection Checklist For Rental Property Owners

Looking for an inspection checklist for rental property inspections can be challenging. Luckily, we’ve got just the tool you need. A downloadable inspection checklist is a perfect tool for property owners such as yourself to maintain organized documentation of your property portfolio. Asset management can quickly become challenging if you don’t have adequate systems to keep your properties organized. With our documentation system, we’ve got your solution here.

A downloadable inspection checklist is vital for property owners to maintain effective asset management. Landlords use it for documenting periodic inspections of rental assets to maintain control over the property standards.

It isn’t enough to merely make a few notes from a walkthrough of your property. It is, after all, human nature to get distracted by things, and something as simple as a phone call could distract you from noticing something about your property. A checklist keeps you on track, even when absentminded or having an off day.

Included in the Inspection Checklist For Rental Property

For best results using the downloadable rental asset checklist, we recommend you review the rest of our descriptions of the checklist components. We’re also going to provide you with some actionable tips to increase your inspection process efficiency and lower costs of inspections as well as inspection management. Who doesn’t want to make their job easier, right? Stick with us, and we’ll show you an easy way.

The Rental Property Inspection Checklist has ten convenient sections to break your inspection into easy-to-follow stages based on room and room type. Here are the sections, along with a brief description of each, that you can use to train your property inspectors on how to complete a professional inspection on your behalf.

Administrative Section

The rental property inspection checklist’s administrative section comprises two inner sections. The first section holds information regarding the property address, type, the property inspector’s name, and the inspection date.

Entrance/Foyer/Hallway(s) Section

In most buildings and even single-family dwellings, the first area you see inside a home (often called the entrance area or foyer). Starting with the entrance area for your property inspection is natural and makes a lot of sense. The areas surrounding your rental units, such as the foyer and hallways, will tell you a lot about the overall condition of a rental property, so it’s essential to pay close attention to detail here. 


No rental property is complete without a kitchen where tenants can store and cook their consumables. The kitchen section of the rental property inspection checklist covers the essential note items in most standard kitchen environments. These items include testing significant appliances such as the stove, refrigerator, and microwave (where applicable).


Restrooms are a necessary component of any rental home or apartment. We all need to use the restroom from time to time, so all room elements must function as expected.

The restroom section of the Property Inspection Checklist ensures that the sink, toilet, and bath/shower are all functioning correctly. The section also includes a point regarding mold, given that the restroom is the most common place in homes to find molds.

Living Room(s)/Den(s)/Dining Room(s)

The living room/den/dining room section of the Rental Property Inspection Checklist is common-sense-oriented. It includes the usual key indicators inspected by landlords during their property inspections.


Similar to the living room section above, the bedroom inspection section of the template follows the same standardized format.

Laundry Room And Storage

Laundry rooms and storage rooms are often points neglected on rental property inspection checklists, but not on ours. This section of the Rental Property Inspection Checklist assures those big-ticket items like the washer and dryer and fuse/breaker panels are not neglected during the inspection.


Another point often overlooked on property inspection checklists is the inspection of the parking area. Are the proper, permitted vehicles on-site? Are the parking spots clear of debris or clutter? These and other questions are asked in this parking section of the property inspection template.

Notes and Sign-Off

No inspection is complete without an area where the inspector can scribble some notes and sign off on the report’s authenticity. This section is instrumental if you have a property management team performing inspections at different locations. It’s easy to elicit integrity from your team with the knowledge that they are signing off on the report.

How To Use The Inspection Checklist For Landlords

How To Use The Inspection Checklist For Landlords explained at 1stReporting.com

Implementing our checklist into your property inspection process is simple. You need to download the template, print an appropriate number of copies, and advise your team on its use. As mentioned earlier, feel free to have your team reference this article to train them on the proper use of the checklist.

If you need to ratify the checklist, you may consider a more robust and customizable solution, like the 1st Reporting app. We’ll explain more about that in the tips below.

Tips For Annual, Semi-Annual, And Short-Notice Property Inspections

Whether you are scheduling long-term annual and semi-annual inspections, or you’re inspecting a unit on shorter notice (when a tenant gives the notice to move out or a concern is raised about property standards), it’s good to practice uniform procedures. 

Here are a collection of tips and best practices to help you with your property inspections to increase efficiency and effectiveness.

Have a Plan

Ensure you know what you’re looking for before starting your inspection. Review your key indicators and other inspection points of interest before commencing the inspection process.

Use Tools Like Checklists

Ensuring you don’t miss any key points is difficult if you’re the type of person bombarded by phone calls all day. Why risk a distraction causing an overlooked inspection item when you can use a tool like a checklist to ensure nothing is missed?

Take Your Time

Rushing through an inspection can lead to mistakes being made and items missed. Its often found that taking a bit more time initially to perform a comprehensive investigation will save time in the long term. Similarly, missing vital inspection items could lead to costly equipment or facility breakdowns when you might have caught an issue during the inspection.

Document Everything

Make notes and take pictures during the inspection to help with your follow-up. If you’re using a paper-based template for your inspection checklist, you may want to scan it to add it to a folder where you can also add your images, video, or other media files. Too much work? Check out the following tip for the best solution.

Use a Digital Reporting Solution Like 1st Reporting.

We’re pleased you came to see our Rental Property Inspection Checklist today. But we won’t be offended if you instead use a more robust and customizable solution like our digital mobile form automation platform – 1st Reporting.

Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, the 1st Reporting app is a robust solution for all your property inspections, incident reporting, or other reporting requirements.

Further Features of 1st Reporting That You’ll Love

Aside from the multi-platform and operating system compatibility of our app and reporting software, the 1st Reporting platform has various advanced features to benefit your organization.

Team Access Management – Stay in control of user access levels with our easy-to-use interface and dashboard.

Dynamic Workflow Automation – Create custom dynamic workflows to guide your team through processes based on the user input.

Customizability – Need a custom checklist or template? No problem! If you don’t see a specific document you require in our integrated template library, you can easily make a custom template to suit your needs using your admin account. Then you can unleash the template for your whole team to take advantage of.

Automated Notifications – Imagine that the moment a team member completes an inspection at one of your properties, you receive an instant notification advising you of their completion. Or perhaps an unfortunate event has occurred at the property, and you can get notified the moment your team completes a report. It lets you automate the communications process so you’ll never miss a completed report again.


This article provides tips for efficiently and effectively conducting property inspections. It recommends having a plan, using checklists, taking time to perform a comprehensive assessment, and documenting everything. Additionally, it suggests using a digital reporting solution like 1st Reporting.

We recommend you download our Rental Property Inspection Checklist or use the 1st Reporting app for your inspection and incident reporting requirements.