Injury Report Template For 3rd Party Injury Incidents (Free And Downloadable)

The 3rd Party Injury Report Template Form is a downloadable template from 1st Incident Reporting, the 1st Incident Reporting App creator. The downloadable template includes several sections, including administrative information, incident type, incident details, injured party information, injured party details, and more, including but not limited to medical facility information where professionally trained support treated the injured party.

The template is intended for download and printing with manual completion by companies like yours. Let’s take a look at what we’ve included for you in the 3rd Party Injury Incident Report Template.

Included In The 3rd Party Injury Report Template

The Injury Report Template provided includes the following sections for a concise reporting experience:

  1. Administrative Information
  2. Incident Information
  3. Injured Party Information
  4. Injury Information
  5. Witness Details
  6. Supervisor Sign-Off

Here’s a brief description of each section to give you a better understanding of not only what’s included but also what you should include in a 3rd Party Injury Report.

Administrative Information

The administrative section of the report contains information about the location of the incident, the person who has completed the report, and contact information. It also includes information about emergency responders.

Incident Information

The incident information section of this template includes details on what type of incident this is. It includes precipitating events and event details where the reporting party can write details of the incident.

Injured Party Information

The injured party information section includes information about who was injured, their contact information, and gender.

Injury Information

You’ll find a map of both the female and male human bodies, where the reporter may note the related injuries in graphical detail. There is an area where the reporting party can describe the injuries sustained and have information about where staff took the affected party for treatment.

Witness Details

A section for witness information where the reporter should note how many witnesses were present and name them. You should include their corresponding contact information in this area as well.

Supervisor Sign-Off

The supervisor sign-off section includes a signature line as well as signature date information for the following persons:

1. Supervisor of the Reporting Party

2. Date of Sign-Off

How To Use The 3rd Party Injury Report Template

Using the 3rd Party Injury Report Template is easy. You must download the template, print it, and dispense it amongst your staff. However, we do have a few suggestions to make things easier for your company.

5 Tips For Your Company To Use The 3rd Party Injury Report Template

Here are five tips to help get you started using our downloadable template.

  1. Employees should not sign the report if they were not present for some or all of the incidents. It would be best to have all staff trained on incident reporting so no matter which team member is present for a 3rd party injury incident, they will be prepared and capable of completing the report on behalf of your company.
  2. You should submit the completed report to your Human Resources Department. They will determine the next course of action required by your company, whether to provide a copy to the injured party or forward a copy to the appropriate authorities.
  3. Employees should print out a new copy of the report as soon as possible after filling it, as it is vital to have a hard copy for safekeeping. We recommend having multiple copies on hand in case of an incident. It is better to have the templates ready and not need them than to need them and not have them ready.
  4. Have staff fill in the front of the form with only what is known beforehand, and then fill in any other required information required during the incident documentation. Some data may not be immediately available.
  5. Detailed contact information about medical facilities where staff or emergency personnel took injured parties for treatment should be listed on a separate sheet of paper and attached to this form if the sections provided are inadequate.

Benefits Of The 3rd Party Injury Report Template

There are more than a few benefits to using a concise 3rd Party Injury Report Template. Here are a few points you may want to ponder.

  1. Save time by having a template for 3rd party injury incident reports
  2. Have all the information you require in one place.
  3. Be more confident when dealing with injuries from third parties.
  4. Feel good that you’re doing your due diligence to protect the company and its employees.
  5. Decrease potential litigation by providing a detailed 3rd party injury report.
  6. Provide proof of actions taken to ensure the safety of your employees.
  7. Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a 3rd party injury report template to reduce stress and improve your internal safety culture.

FAQs About The 3rd Party Injury Report Template

We get questions about our template all the time, so we’re providing answers here to some commonly asked questions. We also recommend checking out our other articles or contacting us before submitting this form for review by an attorney. This article does not constitute legal advice.

  • Can employees sign off on their own incident reports?

Employees should not sign the 3rd Party Injury Report Template if they were not present for some or all of the incidents in question. It would be best to have all staff trained on incident reporting so no matter which team member presents in a third-party incident, they will be qualified and capable of promptly completing the report on behalf of your company. The only people who should sign off on this injury report are managers in cases where no one present can assist in reporting or when all staff has been trained to complete accident reports that include 3rd party incidents, but this is not always possible.

If any other person signed off on the 3rd party injury report template due to an absence of supervisors or other appropriate officials, it would be best to keep a copy for their records.

They should also send a copy to their supervisor to forward it onward from the appropriate department(s), such as Human Resources.

  • Are there any other restrictions on using this form?

You can use this form as you wish for internal purposes. Upon download, we provide rights to the document for your use as you see fit, so it is free to use however you wish.

  • What kind of information should you include in a 3rd party injury report?

Before filling out your form, it would be best to contact your legal department and insurance provider with any specific questions you may have about what they require. They may also advise how you can better protect yourself and your company against claims by offering tips directly from an attorney with experience writing 3rd party injury reports.

Injury Reporting Solutions For 3rd Party Injury Incidents

The 3rd Party Injury Report Template has been downloaded and reviewed many times and is the perfect resource for companies who want to provide more transparency in their reporting process.

However, you might tire of having to reload paper, reorder ink, or pay exorbitant monthly printer rental fees to keep your incident reporting active. So, what’s the solution? How about a digital, cloud-based solution that you and your staff can use on nearly any device?

Available on Google Play and Apple App Store, the 1st Incident Reporting App is the perfect digital solution for your incident reporting needs.

The 1st Incident Reporting App includes an unmatched level of customization compared to the old way of printing and manually filing reports.

  • Customizable notifications – Automate your reporting processes by notifying the right people at the moment of report completion.
  • Customizable templates – Customize your templates to suit your business needs. If we don’t have the exact template your need for an audit, inspection, or even automating processes with checklists or other forms, easily create them with our form builder.

In a digitally-driven world, more than ever, it’s essential to use the right tools. If you’re looking for an incident reporting solution with customization options and support from professionals, check out 1st Incident Reporting on Google Play or Apple App Store today!

With our free 3rd Party Injury Report Template and our mobile app, your company can streamline its process by reporting real-time third-party injury incidents. For those who need help getting started with this toolkit, don’t hesitate to reach out to us–we’re here for you every step of the way.

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