A Covid-19 Virus Daily Declaration Form For Your Business (Download For Free)

Use a virus daily declaration form – yes, you should. Covid-19, a disease caused by the coronavirus, is one of those mutating viruses that looks like it will stick around for a while despite vaccinations. With legislation changing from one week to the next, using a health declaration form for your business is not only wise. It may be a legal requirement in some areas. Always check with local authorities about your needs and obligations.

A Virus or Covid-19 Daily Declaration Form is a form that businesses use for staff or visitors to verify the health and safety of all staff and visitors. In particular, the form targets questions relating to viral and similar infections.

To facilitate your organization’s need for a daily declaration, we’ve created this Covid-19 Daily Declaration Form. You can download it for free right here on this page or try the digital version here, but let’s take a quick look at what you’ll find in this daily health declaration template.

Included In The Covid-19 Daily Declaration Form

Several sections require completion within the COVID-19 Daily Declaration Form for your convenience and your protection.

Administrative Area

The administrative area starts off our health declaration form with an initial inquiry about whether or not the individual who wishes entry to your facility is an employee or visitor.

Following, you’ll find spaces to fill in information such as:

  • Name
  • Contact
  • Department
  • Supervisor or site contact
  • Purpose of visit
  • Duration of visit
  • Date of visit

Health Screening Self-Analysis – Section 1

The health screening self-analysis section includes questions about the applicant’s general health. These include but are not limited to:

  • Existing fever
  • Cough
  • Loss or change of smell or taste
  • Chills
  • Shortness of breath

These questions are all yes or no answers, and no further information is requested for each, so essential privacy of details remains. However, this does not constitute legal advice. It would be best to consult a certified legal professional in your area about what a business can or cannot ask of its employees or visitors.

Further Health Screening Questions – Sections 2 Through 7

The following five sections are also all yes or no answers. All pertain to related issues such as: asking if the individual has traveled outside the country in the past fourteen days. Further questions to that effect are also included.


The last portion of the COVID-19 Daily Declaration Form is reserved for signature by the individual wishing to gain access to your facility.

How To Use The Daily Health Declaration Form

How To Use The Daily Health Declaration Form by 1stReporting.com

The Covid-19 Daily Declaration Form is something that every business needs to have at its disposal. Even if the law doesn’t mandate compliance, it is in your best interest to provide this resource because if contact tracing of your staff or visitors is required, you’ll have the documents to help.

The best way to use the COVID-19 Daily Declaration Form is to download the form, print it, and post it at every entranceway to your facility. Take care to use a friendly and inviting poster of some sort near each so your employees and guests will understand the need to complete the declaration.

Here are five tips for successful form implementation:

  1. Include a privacy disclaimer to each individual who must complete the form stating that all information is confidential to protect privacy. If you intend to use the document for staff, you can send out a company-wide communication to inform them of the upcoming use of this form.
  2. Keep the declaration forms secure and confidential, but you may want to keep them on file for at least 30 to 60 days if authorities reach out for contact tracing purposes.
  3. Implement an awareness program before using the new form. If you run a 30-day communication blitz before using the form, you’ll better prepare staff and visitors for the new facility entry protocol.
  4. Use a warm and inviting tone to any posters or bulletins that request the complacency of others when completing this form. Some people may find that sharing this sort of information makes them uncomfortable. So, for best results, use warmth and invitation to invite people to join in your efforts to improve health and safety.
  5. Finally,  don’t shy away from the use of technology to help streamline your efforts. It may mean using an automated mobile form capture software program like 1st Reporting to take care of this for you.

Why Use A Daily Health Declaration At Your Workplace

Why Use A Daily Health Declaration At Your Workplace explained at 1stReporting.com.

There are several reasons why a business may want to use a daily health declaration template like the COVID-19 Daily Declaration form. Here are six of the best reasons why implementing this sort of facility entry protocol is wise in the pandemic.

  1. Health And Safety Of Staff
  2. Health And Safety Of Visitors
  3. Drive Awareness Of Infection Symptoms
  4. Help In Contract Tracing Efforts
  5. Obligatory Industry Due Diligence
  6. Prevent Costly Closures

Health And Safety Of Staff

If a person who is sick with a virus enters your facility, there’s a chance they could also infect those inside your facility. It is why having a virus or COVID-19 Daily Declaration Form in place is essential.

Health And Safety Of Visitors

The exact timeline for increasing infection risks holds for visitors and staff members. Since many businesses know that many people come through their doors every day, if not week or month – this number may be even higher at some companies.

Drive Awareness Of Infection Symptoms

A daily health declaration form will allow everyone to become aware of symptoms and take necessary precautions to keep themselves safe from infection before entering any building. It is vital if someone has been sick in the last couple of days or just returned from traveling overseas.

Help In Contact Tracing Efforts

Tracing potential points of contact is vital to stopping the spread of viruses, bacteria, or other forms of outbreaks. Using a daily health declaration is one way that businesses can help the efforts of professionals to trace contacts and also track symptoms.

Obligatory Industry Due Diligence

As an industry leader in business, there are certain things that your business is required to do by law. One of the legal obligations that your company abides by is maintaining proper due diligence regarding staff health and safety. By implementing a daily health declaration form, you ensure that your staff members have done self-screening for certain diseases and their symptoms.

Prevent Costly Closures

By keeping a daily health declaration in place at the entrances to your building, you’ll be able to continue operations in the event of pandemics or other forms of viral outbreaks. If one person becomes ill, but the rest of the people in your facility have checked out okay via these predefined points of entry, then chances are lessened that your business will need to close its doors due to potential outbreak risk.

Tips For Accurately Capturing Incoming Information

Tips For Accurately Capturing Incoming Information by 1stReporting.com.

To adequately capture the incoming person’s information, you should have them fill out the COVID-19 Daily Declaration Form at their point of entry to your facility. You can download this form free of charge from this site and print it at your leisure. Once completed, have the person entering your facility pass it to your staff for answer verification.

Here are a few more tips to help accurately process the information and implement the process further.

  • The amount of time for filling out the form should not exceed 1 minute per person as people do not like wasting their time and may be turned off by such stringent requirements. Our downloadable document should take less than a minute.
  • Have the individual sign on the last line of the form to verify their answers accurately, then mark it with time and date.
  • Put all forms into an electronic filing system organized by day and number of incoming persons to track changes over time.

Final Thoughts On Using A COVID-19 Daily Declaration Form

As business owners and managers know – pandemic prevention is critical today. It can help control the costs of closure. It can also help protect employees from sicknesses that could spread through the office environment. Pandemic prevention also makes all workers and visitors aware of the symptoms and dangers of spreading infections. It helps to attribute illness in a pandemic or other outbreaks correctly and helps maintain due diligence in an industry.

By using a daily declaration form, you can accomplish all this today at your place of business.

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