A construction manager reviews a digital construction submittal log report on his smart device. Learn more at 1stReporting.com.

A Digital Construction Submittal Log (Mobile Use)

Discover how a digital construction submittal log can streamline your projects. Learn how the 1st Reporting app makes managing submittals easier than ever. Because let’s face it – we all want an easier way to manage.

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A tailboard meeting form example of the first page. Learn more about tailboard meeting form elements and management at 1stReporting.com.

The Tailboard Meeting Form – A Digital Form Guide for Business

Unlock the full potential of your tailboard meetings with digital forms. Learn how transitioning to digital solutions can enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety in your field operations. Discover the key features that make digital forms a game-changer for your business.

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A well sits open, ready for the well inspection checklist (by 1stReporting.com) completion.

Well Inspection Checklist For Mobile Well Inspection Teams

In a world with ever-increasing drought, natural disasters, and instability, the demand for clean water has never been greater. However, without a standardized inspection method, drinking water standards suffer the consequences. The answer is using a standardized well inspection checklist to guide your crews, ensuring that no crucial inspection step goes unnoticed. A well inspection […]

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A Standardized Project Status Report Template (Downloadable PDF) is reviewed by a project manager and engineer in this file photo. Learn about project status reports and other documents at 1stReporting.com.

A Standardized Project Status Report Template (Downloadable PDF)

Navigating the complex world of project management can often feel like sailing a ship in stormy waters. The key to smooth sailing? A dependable compass to guide the way. This compass is usually a clear, comprehensive, and standardized status report in project management. Enter the ‘Standardized Project Status Report Template,’ an essential tool that promises […]

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A Site-Specific Safety Plan Template For Standardized Mobile Reporting. Learn more at 1stReporting.com.

A Site-Specific Safety Plan Template For Standardized Mobile Reporting

Communication of site-specific safety hazards is vital to preventing and mitigating risk. A Site-Specific Safety Plan (SSSP) is critical for construction, utilities, and even security firms. Many organizations find the SSSP a crucial aspect of their standard operating procedures. A Site Specific Safety Plan is a document that outlines the particular hazards and risks at […]

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A supervisor discusses and Employee Disciplinary Form with a team member. Learn more at 1stReporting.com.

An Employee Disciplinary Form For Easier Management (Download)

In this guide to using our downloadable Employee Discipline Form, we’ll discuss the elements of the form, what’s included, what you need to have, and some best practices to help you create a standardized protocol.

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The Only Lockout Tagout Procedure Checklist You Need by 1stReporting.com.

The Only Lockout Tagout Procedure Checklist You Need

Unlock the power of safety in your organization with our comprehensive guide to using a Lockout Tagout Procedure Checklist. By standardizing these critical safety procedures, you can increase safety, improve efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance. Discover how to properly use a LOTO checklist, tips for seamless procedure standardization, and the benefits of digitizing your checklists. With our guide, you’ll not only meet safety regulations but exceed them, creating a safer and more productive workplace for everyone.

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Maintenance person checks plumbing using the 1st Reporting Building Maintenance Checklist.

The Building Maintenance Checklist | Property Management Tools

Discover the importance of a comprehensive Building Maintenance Checklist in ensuring the optimal functioning and safety of your building. This strategic tool covers various components like HVAC, electrical systems, and plumbing, enabling early identification of potential issues and promoting regular upkeep activities. Learn how to integrate modern technology and employ sound maintenance strategies, transforming building maintenance from a cost into a valuable investment.

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Front-end loader safety inspection guide by 1st Reporting.

Front-End Loader Safety Inspection Checklist (Pre-Use)

Front-end loaders (aka wheel or bucket loaders) are one of the most used and least understood pieces of heavy-duty equipment. You can find front-end loaders in construction, agriculture, mining, and even public works use front-end loaders. As with any heavy equipment, a front-end loader must have a pre-use safety inspection performed by the machine operator […]

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