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A supervisor discusses and Employee Disciplinary Form with a team member. Learn more at 1stReporting.com.

An Employee Disciplinary Form For Easier Management (Download)

In this guide to using our downloadable Employee Discipline Form, we’ll discuss the elements of the form, what’s included, what you need to have, and some best practices to help you create a standardized protocol.

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The Only Lockout Tagout Procedure Checklist You Need by 1stReporting.com.

The Only Lockout Tagout Procedure Checklist You Need

Unlock the power of safety in your organization with our comprehensive guide to using a Lockout Tagout Procedure Checklist. By standardizing these critical safety procedures, you can increase safety, improve efficiency, and ensure regulatory compliance. Discover how to properly use a LOTO checklist, tips for seamless procedure standardization, and the benefits of digitizing your checklists. With our guide, you’ll not only meet safety regulations but exceed them, creating a safer and more productive workplace for everyone.

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The Background Check Consent Form by 1stReporting.

The Background Check Consent Form (Digital and PDF)

The Background Check Consent Form is a vital tool for organizations in many sectors of today’s markets operating with strict hiring and vetting protocols. Using a written approval document assures organizations are following the appropriate protocol so they aren’t just onboarding individuals but trustworthy, proven individuals.  A background check consent form is a document that […]

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The Employee Complaint Form Template and how to use by 1stReporting.com.

Employee Complaint Form Template (Print or Mobile Use)

Handling an employee complaint form is a part of the job for managers. However, many struggle with how to handle these scenarios best. However, one thing is clear: each situation must be managed with appropriate openness, impartiality, and grace. Of course, a standardized procedure can benefit your organization simultaneously, and a great way to do […]

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Slip, Trip, and Fall Incident Report (2023 Edition) by 1stReporting.com.

Slip, Trip, and Fall Incident Report (2023 Edition)

Slips or trip and fall reports are a necessary part of incident management. Slips and falls account for the most considerable portion of workplace injuries that result in lost time accidents. Due to the potential severity of such seemingly trivial events, instituting a proper trip and fall report into your organization becomes essential. Organizations use […]

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A ride along request form is used when a citizen wants to ride along with an officer for a shift. Learn more at 1stReporting.com.

A Ride Along Request Form For Your Police Department

Keeping a police precinct running isn’t for the faint of heart. Numerous situations might arise where forms and paperwork start to pile up. Using standardized forms for things like a ride-along request is essential – so you don’t get lost in a sea of paperwork. A ride-along request form is used when a public member […]

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The Communication Plan Template: User's Guide and Download

The Communication Plan Template: User’s Guide and Download

Accidents happen, and those who prepare generally come out on top. In your organization, you’ve got a lot to consider. When accidents occur, or you’ve got a big project on the go, a communication plan template is indispensable for maintaining communication order. Our Communication Plan covers a robust planning process and includes radio channel use […]

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Cargo Damage Report Template (For Shipping and Logistics Claims) by 1stReporting.com.

Cargo Damage Report Template (For Shipping and Logistics Claims)

A robust cargo damage report is the right tool to document a damaged or lost shipment. Cargo damage is relatively common, so having the right tool to properly document losses is essential to today’s operations relying so heavily on global trade. To help fill this pressing need, we’ve compiled the information you need to gather […]

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The Hot Work Permit Template guide and downloadable by 1stReporting.com for use with all hot work, like welding (as shown in this image).

A Hot Work Permit Template (Free, Printable PDF Template)

If you’re looking for a Hot Work Permit Template, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve created a downloadable PDF Hot Work Permit Template for tracking and managing your hot work processes. We’ll look at what’s included, some best practices, and a few tips to improve your ease of management, so stick around to the […]

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