1st Reporting + MICROSOFT TEAMS®

The Perfect Reporting Duo

Connect the 1st app with your team's existing tools to get more done in less time.

Transforming Report Management

Your organization already uses Microsoft Teams®. So, why not integrate 1st Reporting and form a perfect union between your existing digital ecosystem and one of the industry's leading reporting apps?

With the power of 1st combined with Teams®, you can transform your reporting process into a streamlined, well-oiled machine. With notifications arriving right in your Teams® dashboard, you can respond to emergencies in a fraction of the time.

The Power of 1st Reporting With Microsoft Teams

Learn about the powerful features Microsoft Teams brings to 1st Reporting to benefit your organization.

Dynamic Notifications

Set custom dynamic notifications  for forms submitted and updated within 1st.

Real-Time Response

Respond to or update reports and forms in 1st, directly within the Microsoft Teams environment.

Communication Tracking

Log all communications within Teams related to a specific incident or inspection report.

Assignment and Escalation

Ensure incidents are escalated and closed off by involving the right team members and linking to the right follow-up reports.

More Features = More Benefits, Less Headaches

Mobile Form Automation

Your team will love how the 1st app is so versatile and mobile-friendly, letting you build custom forms and include automation from notifications to dynamically changing forms.

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Inspection Reporting

Assign and complete routine inspections easily with 1st. Create reminders and track inspections until completion. Managing your inspections has never been easier from our report management dashboard.

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Workflow Automation

1st makes case escalation and assignment a breeze with a comprehensive dynamic workflow builder allowing you to save time and money while improving efficiency.

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A Unified Reporting Experience

Document your organization’s injuries, accidents, near misses, and hazards with one centralized incident reporting platform. Handle any situation from inspections to incidents to daily declarations with our all-in-one reporting solution.

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Custom Reports For Superior Trend Analysis

Use 1st's analytics suite to build daily, weekly or monthly reports. Track incident trends, monitor KPIs, and share the data internally with all relevant stakeholders.

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Complete Lifecycle Management

Link reports to follow the complete lifecycle of an incident, inspection, or break-down from initial occurrence to completed repairs and follow-up.

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