Your all-in-one Inspection Reporting Solution

The 1st Reporting app makes it easy for your field teams to quickly report inspections and track results in real-time.

Incident Reporting Dashboard

All your inspections in one app

Imagine how simple life would be if all of your reports were in one place? Our cloud-based solution allows your in-field teams to log inspection reports in real time online or offline from any device, instead of thousands of papers.

Customizable inspection checklists

No two worksites are the same, so why should your inspection forms be any different? Save time and money by creating customized inspection forms to capture the data you need from your team in the field.

Incident Reporting Dashboard

Data insights in real-time

Inspections allow you to make sure that quality and safety are on point. With our mobile app, you can monitor incidents and report a safety concern as soon as you see it with our advanced notification preferences.

Frequently asked questions about inspection reporting software

Inspection software is a tool utilized by professionals who need a platform to document observations of the inspection process. These applications find use by businesses from home inspectors to healthcare professionals to real estate agents and everyone in between. They help you save time and money and provide a paperless digital reporting system to replace outdated printing practices.

Solutions like 1st let you create your own template in their convenient report builder. They also let you include all kinds of data about your property, customers, inspectors, and inspections. But the versatility of 1st will allow you to use this inspection app for much more than mere inspections. Find out more.

Operating a home inspection business, property managers, utility companies, police, or even healthcare professionals find that our cloud-based solution helps and supports their business in various ways. Here are a few of the features you can count on from 1st:

It works with:

  •     Android devices like android phones or tablets
  •     iOS devices such as iPhone and iPad
  •     Computers (laptop and desktop)
  • The mobile app you can use to record inspection results from anywhere for easy report writing.
  • Save time with inspection reports retrieval and automated report creation

Some software categories have developers who like to hide their pricing. Not 1st Reporting. Our open and transparent pricing is easy to understand and easier to budget into your operational expenses. You can try out our reporting app for free with a free trial. Paid tiers start at just $10 per month.

1st Reporting is an intuitive reporting solution that your team will find easy to navigate and straightforward in its daily use. The app provides great-looking reports and is easy to use, even on a mobile device.

The app utilized is very user-friendly. Most mobile apps target the general public, but you need a professional solution from a trusted partner when you’ve got a mobile workforce. And that solution has to work simply from a free trial through enterprise paid solutions.

One of the best things about mobile form automation and innovative computing is the ability to command report delivery and receive near-instantaneous results. With 1st Reporting, you can track trends in your incidents, inspections, or other forms and templates and create customized reports.

Businesses need clear reports to track trends. You need the details from a site that your clients expect you to possess. A great software solution, in this case, starts with a mobile app and a cloud-based platform that can sift through your data to provide you with a report that is easy to read and draw trends from.

1st Reporting works hard to ensure we provide excellent software and tech support that drives loyalty from our clients. They love that they are only an email, phone call, or chat away from getting the support they need.

Using a mobile app for your home inspection reports, team member incident reports, or even vehicle accident reports means you could be anywhere in the field when you need the app the most. Our tech support hours and attention to our client needs mean that we’ve got you covered.

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After many years of requiring field staff to fill out page after page of injury reports, In 2018, we switched to the "1st incident reporting app" An innovative and intuitive application that not only runs on a smart phone but also desktop. It’s customizable and can “mirror” our insurance TPA’s reporting structure. We were up and running reports in only 2 weeks! Reports are timely with none ever being lost.

Marty Schertzer

Director of Loss Control, Monroe Staffing Services