Cost-Efficient Transportation Reporting Software

Designed around the needs of freight, cargo, and transportation carriers, 1st Incident Reporting offers the tools you need to report and track vital incident data for your fleet.

The transportation reporting tool that will benefit your business.

Equipment Condition Reporting

Document pre / post - trip vehicle inspections. Improve efficiency by replacing paper based processes with easy to use digital tools.

Detailed Accident Reporting

With 1st's accident reporting software, collect audio, video, images and all important data directly from the scene of an accident. Use this reporting to settle disputes and assist in litigation.

Fleet Maintenance Logs

Collect scheduled vehicle and facility maintenance logs and inspections. Notify and escalate administration in real time.

The Logistics of Transportation Present a Complex Challenge

Teams of any size face unique complications in coordinating transport, researching and comparing costs, and providing updates in real time.  Administrative reporting plays a vital role in cost projections and freight accounting as well. Transportation incident reporting in the field requires a flexible application that can record every detail of an event for litigation or review.

1st provides both desktop and mobile transportation software for logistics businesses to improve coordination. Better fulfillment begins with more accurate logistical support, and hard data leading to cost savings.

Customizable Inspection Forms

Using 1st flexible tools, build customized inspection and incident report forms to capture the data you need from your security force in the field. 

Streamlined Communication

Send internal notifications and respond in real time to data received from the field. Escalate incidents based on severity and loop in important stakeholders.

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