Actionable Injury Reporting

Generate detailed accident reporting, including workers comp reporting and first report of injury (FROI), from any device. A secure and efficient solution to costly disputes.

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Improves Business Management & Organizes All Incident Reports.

Industrial Accident Reporting

Fast and detailed temporary worker incident reporting. Generate a report for injury, theft, or damage to the property, with secure backups in the cloud.

Warehouse Accident Reporting

In addition to real-time functionality, weekly and monthly trend analysis available on any device provides management with unprecedented flexibility over audits and compliance.

Temp Accident Reporting

Customized temporary worker incident reporting for documenting on-the-job injuries. Decision makers can share and analyze multimedia footage from the field for greater insight.

In claim settlement, parsing responsibility comes down to quality reporting that accurately captures the incident.

Material loss and claims filed by staff are the two biggest sources of loss in manufacturing, construction, and infrastructure. Documenting these details helps allocate fault and litigate the dispute, and affects the overall reputation of everyone involved.

With a temp report of injury, both parties share that responsibility and legal liability.

Ensure your side is represented accurately with multimedia footage of the worksite, actionable insights that contribute to overall worksite compliance, and precise data that can be accessed and changed throughout the lifespan of the claim. Mobile reporting from 1st offers decision makers access to every major factor that affects the flow of work on a jobsite.

Mobile reporting with 1st Incident Reporting, offers decisions makers access to every major factor that affects the flow of work on a jobsite.

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A Mobile Application Designed to Streamline Incident Reporting.

Replace outdated and inefficient paper-based internal reporting processes with a streamlined mobile application. 1st uses structured data to improve the efficiency and accuracy of data collection. Save time in the field with easy entry fields that are familiar to management.

Truly Mobile Reporting Without Compromising Quality

A factual, detailed temporary worker accident report at the touch of a button. Attach photo and video footage alongside incident reporting for a high-resolution view of the incident and after effects.

Track Incident Timelines

Disputes don’t end on your schedule. Track the extended lifespan of an incident, share reports with relevant parties, or edit the details for accurate reporting even as the claim remains fluid.

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“After many years of requiring field staff to fill out page after page of injury reports, In 2018, we switched to the "1st incident reporting app" An innovative and intuative application that not only runs on a smart phone but also desktop. customizable it can “mirror” our insurance TPA’s reporting structure We were up and running reports in only 2 weeks ! Reports are timely with none ever being lost.”

– Marty Schertzer

Director of Loss Control, Monroe Staffing Services