Robust Security Reporting Software

Security incident reporting software with the flexibility to work around the needs of any job site. 1st Incident Reporting provides accurate reports, timely logs, and customizable security incident reporting packaged inside an accessible application for desktop and mobile devices.

The Security reporting tool that will benefit your business.

On-Site Incident Reporting

Accurately log the details of vandalism, break-ins, injuries, and other hazardous situations with footage and images on-site. Collect key details for a comprehensive analysis of threats from either desktop or mobile devices.

Scheduled Patrol Reporting

Schedule inspections, perimeter checks and property inspections. Track your security in force in real time with live GPS tracking capabilities.

Shift Reports

A flexible application to check in and out of shifts with a log of important activity. Escalate and notify vital stakeholders with a robust notification system.

Details Matter in Corporate Security

Accurate incident reporting is often the deciding factor in liability, prosecution, and the ultimate recovery of stolen or damaged goods. Agents currently rely on a mix of paperwork and computer reporting, often shared across insecure connections such as email, to relay essential data to project stakeholders. 1st offers a centralized application for reporting, dispatch, and analysis that ends the paper trail and gets your organization hierarchy in line. 

Customized Reporting

Using 1st flexible tools, build customized inspection and incident report forms to capture the data you need from your security force in the field. 

Streamlined Communication

Send internal notifications and respond in real time to data received from the field. Escalate incidents based on severity and loop in important stakeholders.

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