Industry-specific solutions for your organization.

Construction Reporting Platform for Safety and Inspections


Safety is important for any company but from prior experience in the idnustry we understand just how vital it is for those operating in the construction sector. That’s why 1st Incident Reporting offers software packages that are custom-built to help construction companies manage their safety challenges.

Incident and Emergency Response Reporting Platform for Municipalities


We know that outdated systems and inefficient processes are standing in the way of safety officers from being able to do their jobs. That’s why we’ve leveraged custom forms and powerful data processing to create an efficient solution specifically designed with municipalities in mind.

Security Shift and Patrol Reporting Platform


The world is changing. Everyday there are new challenges and threats for security companies to consider. That’s why we’ve created a solution that evolves alongside your organization’s needs. One that links locations across the globe creating a safe, secure, and seamless safety ecosystem.

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Employee Injury and Incident Reporting Paltform for Staffing companies


We understand that for those who have been tasked with keeping an organization safe, an incident is just the beginning of what can sometimes be a long and difficult process. That’s why our software is designed to support safety officers for the entire lifecycle of an incident, providing a secure and efficient staffing solution that safeguards against costly disputes.

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Vehicle Accident and Incident Reporting Platform for Transportation Industry


The safety issues facing transportation organizations are as unique as they are numerous. That’s why we’ve built a solution that puts you in control, enabling you to keep your company on track with processes that remain consistent across multiple platforms and devices.

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Safety and Incident Reporting Platform for the Utility Industry


From complex compliance processes to strict safety protocols, companies in the utilities market are faced with a unique set of challenges. Whether you’re involved in transmission, generation, or distribution our powerful software simplifies safety processes, enabling you to keep your workers safe wherever they may be.

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