Your all-in-one incident reporting solution

Our mobile incident reporting software empowers your field teams with the tools they need to get their jobs done quicker and safer.

Incident Reporting Dashboard

All your reports in one place

Imagine how simple life would be if all of your reports were in one place? Our cloud-based solution allows your in-field teams to log reports in real time online from any device, instead of thousands of papers.

Customizable field reporting

No two worksites are the same, so why should your reporting solution be any different? Create customized inspection and incident report forms to capture the data you need from your team in the field.

Incident Reporting Dashboard

Data insights in real-time

Generate actionable reports to identify problem areas in your day to day operations and ensure your employees safety. Monitor incidents, respond and take action from any device in real time with our advanced notification preferences.

Join the globally-recognized brands that trust 1st Reporting to safeguard their organizations

After many years of requiring field staff to fill out page after page of injury reports, In 2018, we switched to the "1st incident reporting app" An innovative and intuitive application that not only runs on a smart phone but also desktop. It’s customizable and can “mirror” our insurance TPA’s reporting structure. We were up and running reports in only 2 weeks! Reports are timely with none ever being lost.

Marty Schertzer

Director of Loss Control, Monroe Staffing Services

Frequently Asked Questions For Incident Reporting Software

A safety incident reporting tool is a reporting software application that allows team members to report safety incidents and document a variety of situations. The tool typically includes various reporting forms and report generation features. Employees can use the tool to report any type of safety incident, including workplace accidents, near misses, and hazardous conditions.

These tools (like 1st Reporting) are an excellent addition to any incident management program. Utilizing tools that allow for efficient reporting helps businesses restore normal service function quickly and effectively. Fast reporting allows for corrective actions and quick response by you and your team, increasing occupational safety and offering software solutions to document and track incidents and their mitigation.

An incident management system is a software application that helps organizations respond to and manage incidents. It typically includes incident tracking, case management, and notification tools.

A safety management system is, by definition, an extended version of a safety incident reporting tool. Not all applications are created equal when it comes to incident reporting software. And some will work as much better software solutions for your incident management than others.

A robust incident management system will include features that far surpass the features of a mere reporting system. That’s what makes the 1st Reporting app so unique. The app has many features that help you maintain your health and safety program with ease. And the customizable notifications allow you to automate processes across your entire organization efficiently and effectively.

You’re trying to manage workplace incidents, perform root cause analysis, and perform your other duties in a daily dynamic workflow. We know you don’t want to squabble over a lack of transparent pricing – you just don’t have time for it.

1st Reporting is a feature-rich incident reporting solution that starts with a FREE tier, and paid tiers start at only $10 per month. How’s that for transparent pricing?

1st Reporting has one of the best customer service departments in the industry. When dealing with vehicle accidents or workplace safety incidents, you need to collect all the details and get back to the normal service operation, not fight with failing software.

1st Reporting has a responsive and professional team ready to help your business achieve your goals using our incident management tools if you need assistance. If you’re looking for the best incident management software and the best incident management solutions, then look no further than 1st Reporting.

1st Reporting is easy to implement across your entire organization. The incident tracking software is more than just user-friendly; it makes documenting a workplace incident easy. There’s no better way to track inspections of assets, track and generate trend reports from incident reports, and even train your team using the self-service portal in the incident management module.

Tracking audits, safety, and even maintenance work orders have never been easier. You can even perform root cause analysis, track key processes and procedures, and even automate business operations. The app can help you with workflow automation and even help you improve your service quality and reporting health by tracking trends; if that doesn’t put it in the realm of best incident management tools, then nothing will.

  • Reduce administrative burden
  • Improve regulatory compliance
  • Enterprise pricing available

If you want to restore normal service operation and control your incident management process, then  1st Reporting is the tool you need.

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