Incident reporting software designed for you

Whether you’re responsible for keeping a building secure, a worksite safe, or the electricity flowing, we understand that part of your job is to be prepared for the unexpected.

Maybe there’s a break-in on your watch, an accident, or even an outage. Whatever the incident, we understand that you need the tools available at your fingertips to quickly and efficiently document the activity in the field.

1st Incident Reporting has been tailor-made to provide you with the tools that you need to get the job done. Packed full of powerful, easy-to-use features it’s fully customizable so that you can record, report, and store the information you need to be effective.

Dynamic incident template builder

No two worksites are the same, so why should your safety reporting solution be any different? We work closely with our customers to understand the challenges facing their business, that’s why we built a fully customizable app to provide a solution that’s as unique as your organization. With 1st Incident Reporting’s built-in incident designer, you can tailor the app specifically to your needs, ensuring you report the information you need in the format you need it recorded.

  • Custom-build incident report templates to suit any area of your operation.
  • Seamlessly integrate the app with your existing processes and infrastructure.
  • Add or remove fields, take pictures, digitally sign documents, and insert notes. Our app enables you to collect the data you need.
  • Optimize incident forms for easy in-field use.

Multimedia tools

Some things truly have to be seen to be believed, that’s why 1st Incident Reporting enables you to upload multimedia files directly to your reports. Gone are the days of sketching diagrams to “paint a picture,” instead all of your colleagues will be able to accurately report incidents so that you can effectively address them.

  • Full multimedia integration enables you to upload videos, audio, and photos from any device.
  • Attach notes, files, and other vital information directly into your reports for improved evidence collection and storage.

Next-level communication capability

We know that communication is key to effective incident management, that’s why we’ve built next level capabilities directly into our software. With the ability to create incident notifications across all devices, you can instantly share information with your teams from anywhere, at any time so you’ll never be out of sync again.

  • Dynamically notify people based on incident severity and escalation levels.
  • Attach notes, files, and other vital information directly into your reports for improved evidence collection and storage.
  • Synchronize notifications across numerous platforms and devices.

Cross-platform compatibility

The best device is the one your field team has to hand, that’s why 1st Incident Reporting is designed with cross-platform compatibility at its core.

  • Use the full suite of services from any device.
  • Synch information across multiple devices or share reports directly within your organization.
  • An intuitive interface makes 1st Incident Reporting easy to use from any device, no training required.

Whether you’re using a laptop, iPhone, Android device, or even a tablet, you can quickly and easily create reports using the same intuitive system. You can even share information across multiple platforms via text, email, the cloud, or even your existing enterprise systems.

Powerful analysis and reporting

We understand that collecting data is just one part of the puzzle, you’ve got to act on it too. That’s why we designed 1st Incident Reporting to make it easy to share learning across your organization, reacting to incidents in real-time to safeguard the safety of your people.

  • Use data to create custom reports that can be shared throughout your organization.
  • Visualize data so that it looks great on any screen.
  • Share your findings across departments to improve communication and safety across your organization.
  • Use reports to capture data and documentation throughout the entire incident lifecycle.

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