Sample emergency action plans

Emergency Action Plans Samples And 7 Great Tips For Leaders

Creating Emergency Action Plans isn’t as challenging as you might think. Most action plans are only a few pages at the most, and keeping things simple also makes it easier for your team members to learn and understand. Not to mention, people tend to retain items easier when they are straightforward and to the point, […]

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How to write a standard operating procedure

How To Write A Standard Operating Procedure

Whether writing an SOP for compliance, completing a health and safety manual, or even documenting a process for greater efficiency, knowing how to write an SOP correctly is crucial to your success using it. Writing an SOP can be challenging, depending on the scope of the process. However, no matter the industry or scope, there […]

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Using The Incident Rate Formula In Your Business

11 Tips To Using The Incident Rate Formula In Your Business

An incident rate formula is a powerful tool that managers can use to understand their business’s incident rates better. This article will briefly review the incident rate formula and offer several benefits to applying this formula within an organization. Then detail 11 tips managers can benefit from following for utilizing this powerful tool. The incident […]

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Field Report Field Guide

The Field Report Field Guide For Property Managers

Property managers have been using field reports for a long time. The field report is an important document used during the property inspection process to assess damages and keep track of repairs. But field reports can often be cumbersome to carry around as they are typically printed out on paper and left in the field […]

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5 Quality Assurance Audits Tips For Improved Operations

During the course of any business fiscal year, companies are expected to look inward to account for inventory and improve operations. All successful operations include self-analysis and quality assurance audits for progressive improvement. Whether your business is in manufacturing, security, transportation, or even healthcare, quality assurance audits of products, processes, and systems ensure growth and […]

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10 Warehouse Safety Tips Every Manager Should Know

Everyone could use some Warehouse Safety Tips from time to time. Operating a warehouse with multiple staff and equipment like forklifts whipping around is cause for concern for any sober-eyed manager. After all, management is legally liable to ensure staff is well protected from the many dangers of warehousing operations. To help you in your […]

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Conducting A Root Cause Analysis: Incident To Final Report

Incidents can happen in the blink of an eye. And reporting these incidents helps to drive progressive change to a safer workplace. But what happens when the cause of an incident is unclear? A root cause analysis suddenly isn’t just appropriate. It’s crucial. And knowing how to conduct a root cause analysis is as important […]

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Can An Incident Report Be Used In Court?

Incidents are unfortunate, no matter the industry. And having an incident wind up going to court can be a headache that even the staunchest business person would cringe at the thought. And even though your organization filed all the appropriate forms and reports, it may still come to pass that a judge decides further ‘in-house’ […]

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10 Times An Incident Report Should Be Completed

With so many potential incidents, it can be challenging to know when to complete an incident report. Depending on the nature of the incident, there may be legal requirements beyond the in-house incident report completion that you may need to complete and submit within a deadline. Such is the case with incidents that involve personal […]

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