What is a vehicle condition report? Find out at

The Complete Guide To Vehicle Condition Report Writing

Effectively and efficiently performing vehicle condition report writing is a skill unto itself. Although simple at first glance, a well-thought-out process to completing vehicle condition reports is essential to a successful inspection and documentation program. This guide will cover everything from what to look for during your inspection to the report’s different sections and how […]

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What is SOAP Notes? We Find Out!

A Guide To SOAP Notes (Plus Best Practices, Tips, And More!)

Healthcare professionals often have to deal with the challenge of taking SOAP notes. The problem is that many healthcare professionals lack the necessary training to take a good SOAP note, leading to errors in diagnosis and treatment. It leads to increased risk for patients and higher costs for hospitals. We have created an easy-to-follow guide […]

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Scissor Lift Certification And Inspection Guide

A Scissor Lift Certification And Inspection Guide For Businesses

Operating a business where team members utilize aerial lift equipment, scissor lifts, or similar has its share of management responsibilities—namely, the certification process for both personnel and equipment and the subsequent inspections. To help make sense of all required, we’ve put together this guide for business managers like you. It is necessary to certify and […]

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management of change

Management of Change (MOC) And Incident Reporting

Management of Change (MOC) and incident reporting are two vital and intertwined processes that every company should understand. One of the most hazardous situations faced by any industry is the process of changing procedures, equipment, leadership, or even facilities. Change brings hazards and new challenges, so it is essential to manage these changes with professionalism […]

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Rooftop safety is vital for all working at heights situations.

A Manager’s Guide To Team Member Rooftop Safety

Falls are a critical hazard at many work sites. NSC reported that in 2019, 880 people died from falls at work? And 244,000 fell and sustained injuries resulting in a lost-time accident in the US. All emotion aside, that’s an awful lot of preventable deaths, injuries, and cost to businesses. And that is why it […]

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Two construction workers are proud to have safety topics for construction meetings handled.

12 Safety Topics For Construction Not To Overlook

Anyone in the business knows that construction is dangerous. Remote work sites (where a site supervisor may be overwhelmed with responsibilities) are a major source of accidents. If you don’t believe me, then take a look at the statistics in the United States, right from the OSHA. In 2020, the construction industry made the top […]

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near miss reporting

11 Tips To Near-Miss Reporting At Remote Job Sites

Reporting near-miss incidents are often overlooked on busy job sites. We’ve all seen close calls happen, and when a job site is hopping with activity, it’s easy to turn a blind eye to avoid job disruption. To aid your business in making the best choices for safety, and in an attempt not to impede operations, […]

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mobile form automation

The Complete Guide To Mobile Form Automation

Mobile form automation is a relatively new term to the industry in North America. The term really started to become a ‘thing’ back in 2013 but recently has skyrocketed in popularity. Just take a look at this Google Trend graph showing the popularity of the term worldwide over time: But what is mobile form automation […]

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Construction Site Inspections

Construction Site Inspections – Tips For Effective Site Condition Audits

Managing a construction project is a tedious task, as you are well aware. You need to coordinate multiple trades and even multiple supervisors or project managers. Coordinating all the people, materials, and equipment is a tough enough task, so you want to ensure the site conditions are adequate for your teams to get the project […]

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