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Incident Report Vs. Accident Report – Defined For Business In 2023

Updated March 21, 2023. Examine the differences between incident and accident reports by defining each’s meaning to today’s business. Incident Report Vs. Accident Report – Differences For Your Business Every day, it seems there are more and more files, forms, passwords, and reports than ever before in history. These are truly unprecedented times. And in […]

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Correct Format for an Incident Report

Looking for the correct format for an incident report? You’ve come to the right place. An incident report is an official record of the incidents, near misses, accidents, and events at the workplace. Timely and well-recorded incident reports may help an organization identify the cause of incidences and prevent future occurrences. Every incident reporting form […]

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Security Incident Reporting explained at

A-Z’s of Security Incident Reporting

Security incidents can range from physical threats to cyber-attacks, posing serious risks to organizations across industries. Our comprehensive guide dives deep into the complexities of security incidents, their severity, and the critical role of security incident reporting in mitigating potential damage. It also introduces an innovative solution – the 1ST Reporting Mobile App. This tool revolutionizes security incident reporting by enabling quick, detailed reports, facilitating faster responses, and eliminating inefficient practices. It’s equipped with intelligence-led functionalities and integrative capabilities to streamline incident management. Discover how 1ST’s efficiency, including its dynamic field selection and granular notification logic, sets it apart in the realm of security incident reporting solutions.

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