Toolbox talk topics by 1st Reporting help many companies maintain safety.

50 Toolbox Talk Topics For Your Safety Program

Updated November 14, 2023. You and I know safety is no joke at any workplace. That’s why having an organized list of toolbox talk topics is essential to an effective safety program. Not only that, it’s crucial for helping to protect workers’ safety while lowering company risk exposure. We’ve compiled a list of toolbox talk […]

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GMP Vs. CGMP Explained at

GMP Vs. CGMP Explained (And Amazing Tips To Manage Them)

GMP Vs. CGMP – Sometimes, the acronyms take over, don’t they? However, it’s best not to assume you know the answers when it’s something as essential as Good Manufacturing Practices. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices, a series of regulations about the manufacture of goods for personal uses such as eating (food manufacturing), medicinal (pharmaceutical […]

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How to use near-miss report forms correctly explained at

How Your Company Should Be Using Near Miss Report Forms

Near miss report forms and near miss reporting processes are essential to a proactive, safe workplace. It may seem like a straightforward reporting process, but has your company used the near-miss report forms incorrectly? Businesses use near-miss report forms to document a hazardous situation that created a potential accident scenario. The scenario was a close […]

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An Inspection App For Teams (Field, Factory, or Office) at

An Inspection App For Teams (Field, Factory, or Office)

From creating a custom process checklist to recording essential inspection information, business and field inspection is undoubtedly labor intensive.  No matter how time-consuming, conducting regular workplace inspections is crucial in ensuring a safe and efficient work environment. However, did you know you can reduce your labor expenses for conducting assessments and creating a report through […]

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how to perform a gmp audit is explained at

How To Perform A GMP Audit (In 8 Easy Steps)

A clear and concise understanding of performing a GMP audit is vital for effective management. If you want to make the management process more straightforward, this guide is for you. You can use this guide to help train your team to perform fast, effective, and highly efficient audits using our templates or even more effectively […]

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A Manager’s (#1 Easy) Guide To Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) by

A Manager’s (#1 Easy) Guide To Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR)

If you’re looking for a lost time incident rate calculation guide, you’ve come to the right place. Any manager will tell you that keeping on top of your company metrics is vital to appropriate team planning. The LTIR metric is no exception.  The Lost Time Incident Rate (LTIR) is a metric for organizations to analyze […]

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A Manager's Guide To Face Shield and Respirator Fitting by

A Manager’s Guide To Face Shield and Respirator Fitting

Face shield and respirator fitting are two different yet related and required tasks. As a manager, you must know the rules regarding safe work conditions. Similarly, understanding the basics of your mandatory requirements under the OSHA or other regulatory bodies is essential for the company’s good and your team’s health and safety. In this guide, […]

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How To Perform An Environmental Risk Assessment In 10 Steps by

How To Perform An Environmental Risk Assessment In 10 Easy Steps

Performing an environmental risk assessment is a serious business. Managing operations that could have environmental consequences is not an easy task. Many industries and businesses face daily challenges regarding the environment and operating efficiently. Sometimes, a business must make decisions affecting the environment’s ecological health, so the Environmental Risk Assessment is necessary. Performing an environmental […]

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A Guide To Bloodborne Pathogens Safety And Your Organization’s ECP by

A Guide To Bloodborne Pathogens Safety And Your Organization’s ECP

Bloodborne pathogens safety must be a primary concern for organizations. Encountering biohazards in your place of business is something not to be taken lightly. If your company has taken on operations that come in contact with human blood, or you’re new to dealing with bloodborne pathogen threats within your organization, then you’ve come to the […]

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