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Looking for a better auditing app for iPhone? You’re in the right place. Audit management can be challenging, especially when the audit process takes place on a mobile device like an iPhone. However, it doesn’t have to be such a headache with the proper safety software.

Choosing an auditing app for your mobile tech isn’t easy when you have lists of software, and each is merely boasting about its worth. How do we separate the accurate information from the bogus list articles we find online? We look at an industry leader. That’s how.

One such intuitive mobile app used for everything from statutory risk compliance analysis to executing audits in facilities or remote locations is the 1st Reporting app. But the cloud-based mobile form reporting app doesn’t stop there. We’ll dive into some of the best features this powerhouse provides for your audits and audit management platform later. For now, let’s get a few things straight.

What is an auditing app for iPhone?

An auditing app is a mobile app that helps professionals conduct audits on mobile devices. You can use it for risk compliance analysis, facility audits, etc. 1st Reporting is a leading auditing app with various features to make the audit process more manageable.

What is the purpose of audit software?

Auditing software is usually considered used for financial auditing, which assesses the quality of a company’s financial statements and ensures that they comply with accounting principles. You can use financial auditing to identify and address potential financial fraud.

However, audit software doesn’t have to focus on accounting audits. In fact, audits, inspections, checklists, or any form you can think of, from Team Member Health Declarations to Vehicle Maintenance Request Forms, can be completed on the 1st Reporting App. The software was designed for handling the reporting process – from management review of trend analysis reports to field technicians writing the reports on mobile apps in the first place.

What are the disadvantages of audit software?

What are the disadvantages of audit software? We find out at
Weighing your needs, wants, and options are essential to choosing the right platform.

Traditionally the disadvantages of audit software have been rigid and limited functionality. In fact, several of the so-called reporting apps on the market today are nothing more than rudimentary text programs with a touch of packaging.

With 1st Reporting, you get so much more than some rigid text editor that claims to be helpful and really isn’t. 1st is a leader in data capture, organization, and analysis. In other words, we’re the specialists when it comes to auditing, inspections, and everything in between.

How do we bypass rigidity in a stagnant world of false promising reporting applications? Let’s sum it up in a few words: Dynamic and automated customization.

Dynamic Form Workflows

Imagine that a form query changes based upon a previous response. Imagine the potential for managing emergencies when the form changes based on the response. Forget just being helpful. This feature makes it a very intuitive mobile app – almost as intuitive as having a person do the work.


Automation is the name of the game these days. Everyone from individual firms to massive multinational corporations is chomping to get their operations automated. So, having your field teams utilize a mobile device to improve safety with automated processes makes sense.

One of the best features of mobile form automation is the critical ability to respond and direct, actionable results to risk management issues quickly. For example, utilizing an automated notification feature to allow a manager to monitor the performance of field staff as they complete incident reports or even an internal audit. This communications-based automation lets organizations like yours leave some more remedial tasks to the software. It’s saving time and allowing teams to improve performance by not worrying about the smaller, less important jobs like notifying management.


If you’ll recall earlier, we spoke of rigidity in most software that disallows your ability to really make the platform work in your favor. Well, we say no more!

1st allows all kinds of customizations. You can make custom notifications to get real-time alerts when your team completes their forms, checklists, or audit reports. Similarly, you can also customize the forms themselves.

Our app comes pre-loaded with a  template library full of the forms and templates businesses need every day – from daily vehicle walk-around inspections to facility safety audit forms. We’ve got it (and if we don’t, we can get you set up with customized forms that are just right for your business).

How To Reduce Risk, Increase Quality Control, And Gain Unprecedented Insights With 1st Reporting

How To Reduce Risk Using The 1st Reporting app incident management platform found at
Keep risk as low as possible by using the 1st Reporting app.

Step 1 – Check out the app.

You can find the best EHS software inspection app at The Apple App Store (Google Play if you have Android devices). Check out 1st Reporting and find out how easy everything from data entry to gain actionable insights through the efficient way you can pull reports.

Step 2 – Book a walkthrough with our Audit Management Platform specialists.

We love showing people how our app helps organizations automate their audits, risk assessments, etc. We’ll show you how the intuitive interface can save time and money using powerful online reporting tools. You can manage audits, generate audit reports, maintain document control, and all this right from your mobile device.

More Benefits of 1st Reporting Audit Management Solution

When operational standards need improving, it’s easy to turn to the blame game. However, it’s even easier to merely implement the tools you need to improve everything from improved safety standards to an environment where you can ensure compliance with industry standards.

Let’s look at some of the more sophisticated ways that 1st is resolving issues as the leading incident management software.

Media Uploading Capabilities

If a picture says a thousand words, a video says a million. How you would even add an image to a printed audit form without an old Polaroid is beyond us. Maybe your auditor is an outstanding artist and can sketch the situation?

1st Reporting solves the media problem by allowing you to attach related files like photos, videos, or even audio recordings. It’s easy to determine corrective actions when a video documents an issue.

Geolocation and Mapping Technology

Yes, our app includes the ability to locate the device’s identity and display a map with the location where the device uploaded its form results. This feature lets you display a map of locations where field personnel completed your incidents, inspections, and audit forms. You can sort your reports by location, making it easy and visually appealing to use the enterprise-level software solution.

Benefits of Using 1st Reporting Incident and Inspection Management Software

Managers find the 1st Reporting app extremely beneficial compared to paper-based form methodologies.
Keeping things neat, orderly, and safe is easier with a robust reporting platform like 1st.

Layer process audits with dynamic functionality. Using dynamic customization, we can create layered inspection or incident reports that change based on information submitted. Never in history have we seen a tool that helps to so efficiently conduct inspections and audits.

Using a central reporting platform for all your processes means you have centralized management and control over your entire reporting system. It means you can improve the quality of reporting for your whole organization with a few clicks or taps (depending on your device).

Follow up processes easily with a web-based solution. It’s easy to monitor performance when you’ve got automated and customizable notifications created by the cloud-based management software when a specific trigger is activated. Your corrective actions can come swiftly when you’ve got a notification within seconds of a report completion trigger.

Facilitate the continuous improvement of safety for your entire team. Innovative audit management solutions help with everything from internal audit trend reports to ensuring data entry items are saved even when away from an internet connection or signal. That’s why 1st Reporting has a built-in offline mode so your field technicians won’t waste time scanning and digitizing audits written on paper.

Save time and money. We’ve talked to many field service managers, healthcare managers, utility organizations, and even security firms to find out what get’s under their skin when it comes to reporting. All agree that the loss of time and money is a bleed no business wants to worry about.

When you take the time to schedule inspections, the last thing you want is to have to reschedule due to loss of paperwork or other paper checks issues that only come with using paper and pen. A cloud-based solution never worries about printer ink or paper forms, so your audit frequency will never suffer, and you will never lose your audit data again. With the included security built-in to the app itself, your data and customer information are safe and sound.

When you choose mobile apps for audit management, you’re choosing the future of digital forms and data collection. Management software is the new corporate assistant, except it can think hundreds of times faster with automation, and it can’t get you a cup of coffee (yet).

It can offer everyone from individual firms to multinational corporations a way to manage everything from compliance audits to risk assessments. Audit apps are some of the best types of EHS software that businesses can use to control and mitigate risk. All this while improving the quality of the audit and inspections process.

The Inspections And Audits of 1st

If you’re wondering what robust risk management and compliance audit management software can do for your business, let’s put it very simply: It can help do away with paper and pen and make your digital forms come to life for a new and exciting style of risk management.

Here are just a few of the inspection forms you can expect to see in our management software to help improve quality and safety in your organization:

  • Security Shift and Patrol Reports
  • Facility Inspection Reports
  • Vehicle Pre/Post Trip Inspections
  • Team member Injury Report
  • Factory Audits
  • Safety Compliance Audits
  • And many, many more.

Management software that performs needs to make your life easier. Audit apps that don’t function well or only function on a particular device are a clear example. We improve quality by ensuring that you can use 1st Reporting on any iPhone or iOS device (available on The Apple App Store). Similarly, the app is also available on Google Play for all android devices. And, naturally, it works great on laptops and desktops alike.

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Join the globally-recognized brands that trust 1st Reporting to safeguard their organizations.

Join the globally-recognized brands that trust 1st Reporting to safeguard their organizations!