An Auditing App For Android (Making Inspections On A Smartphone or Tablet Easy!)

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Audit management using an auditing app for android or other devices makes audits and inspections simple for any business. An enterprise-level software solution like 1st Reporting is an excellent example of a market-leading auditing and inspections app that helps companies execute audits.

An auditing app for Android devices is a mobile site audit management platform that utilizes mobile devices that operate on the Android operating system. This type of software helps inspectors to conduct audits by providing a fast and efficient means of document control and data capture for their audit processes.

Field service managers find the quick setup, email alerts, and other key features like dynamic custom workflows that make solutions like 1st stand out as a great tool for mobile forms management.

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Enhance Quality Operations And Safety Standards

Health and safety are critical elements of an organization’s operational success. Compliance management is more challenging than ever in this age of statutory risk compliance transparency. While every person is walking around with a video camera on their phone, we need to ensure that safety standards are at their highest levels. And not just for safety sake, but for the company’s reputation.

Improve performance when it comes to resolving issues and corrective actions with a saas application that provides you with audits to ensure you’re meeting industry standards. That’s why using robust safety software to collect audit data specific to your exact business needs easily is so essential.

Improve Safety With Digital Forms

You might think that using an app on an Android device for digital forms is a weird idea. What if the device is out of range of a WiFi or broadband signal? However, a robust app like 1st will utilize offline access data entry, so your team never misses a thing.

The inspection app then uploads your accurate data when an internet signal is acquired. This fact allows your certified quality experts to complete audits or inspections outside of the normal smartphone range without losing data from your audit process.

Save Time With Conditional Logic

A good web-based solution for your digitized audits will help your organization save time on your audits. Dynamic form automation makes any software solution better, and in this case, it makes 1st Reporting one of the best in the industry.

Stay Compliant With Accurate Report Audit Data

Stay Compliant With Accurate Report Audit Data using
Managers love our incident management reporting app. Do you have an efficient tool?

With the 1st Reporting app, businesses and organizations can stay compliant with government regulations by ensuring that their audit data is accurate. Automated report generation takes the hassle out of creating reports manually, and it also eliminates the possibility of human error.

The software also comes with customization features that allow you to monitor your auditing progress in real-time. It allows you to make changes to your process on the fly to always be compliant.

In conclusion, an auditing app for your mobile devices helps businesses with executing audits simply by providing a fast and efficient means of document control and data capture for their audit processes. 1st Reporting is a great example of such an app.

Benefits of Using 1st Reporting for an Audit or Inspections

  • Cloud-based technology means your data retrieval is easy with online access. Easily retrieve factory audits, compliance audits, or any other type of digitized audits right on your mobile device.
  • A no-code platform means that your staff won’t pull their hair out trying to learn to use the software platform.
  • Attach related files like videos, photos, or other multimedia. A picture speaks a thousand words, and it is no exception when it comes to audits.
  • Reduce risk in your organization with risk assessments and other quality control and safety management forms and templates.
  • Monitor performance with the cloud-based audit manager. Easily retrieve audit results and create reports to track and reveal trends.
  • Track corrective actions with dynamic audits that change with the answers provided. This feature allows you to create dynamic workflows that take an audit from inspection to completion of corrective action – all in one easy-to-use cloud-based solution.

Pricing For Your Audit Management Software Solution

We might say price doesn’t matter for mobile apps and other software that vastly improves the audit process. However, we all know that pricing for an inspection app will matter no matter how great the inspection software might be.

Let’s take 1st Reporting as the example case for a model pricing structure in audit management software. 1st is a company that believes in full visibility regarding pricing for their reporting app. The best EHS software must maintain a unified view when it comes to pricing their solutions.

Why Use An Audit Management System Like 1st?

Why Use An Audit Management System Like 1st?

If your company has to conduct audits, using a management platform is good business. Audit management can be a headache if your audits are all on paper. We have to consider the real costs of using a paper-based system. Let’s look at a few of the concerns a paper-based audit management approach endorses. Some of these won’t be as obvious as you might think.

  • Cost of paper, ink, and printing equipment
  • Cost of administrative labor
  • Cost of floor space
  • Cost of loss of information

Cost Of Paper, Ink, And Printing Equipment

A noticeable saving when turning to a digital audit management platform is that of the cost of paper, ink, and printing. Whether you are using a 3rd party printing solution or have printing equipment in-house, you know that it isn’t cheap.

Not to mention the obvious cost to the environment using paper and ink.

Cost Of Administrative Labor

Many managers tend to forget that data storage via paper forms requires organization and filing. If you pay someone or have to commit your own time to create and use a filing system to maintain document control, then it has a cost. We cannot ignore the cost of administrative duties. Similarly, even digitizing audits from the past or using data entry labor to input old audits into a system has a cost. Therefore, entering audits into a digital platform during the audit process itself is the most effective and efficient means of audit data collection.

Cost Of Floor Space

Cost Of Floor Space is a reason to try over filing cabinets for incident reports.
Archive files can take a lot of floor space. Couldn’t that floor space be put to better use?

When discussing the cost of paper-based inspection documentation, something often overlooked is the cost of actual floor space for such a setup. Most businesses pay a hefty fee for their lease or building ownership. Floor space isn’t cheap, after all.

Consider the floor space required by even a small company utilizing field teams or completing regular audits. Most companies use the fallback of the traditional filing cabinet. Similarly, most companies have standalone printer/fax/copiers that require a decent amount of floorspace, ink, and power.

If you were to add up the floor space used for filing cabinets and commercial printers, along with the storage needed for boxes of paper, ink cartridges, and even filing supplies like hanging folders, you would probably get quite ill when you determine the cost per year of the floor space for printing and filing needs.

Using a mobile device with cloud-based storage technology for audit data storage costs nothing in terms of floor space. And if you look at the extremely reasonable app cost of use, it doesn’t make sense to pay for floor space for filling systems, now does it?

Cost Of Loss Of Information

Here is a cost of paper for documenting audits that elude most managers. That is the cost of loss of data. Consider losing the information for compliance audits required by a governing agency. You need EHS software that won’t lose your data. A paper audit document is very easy to lose. It’s easy to file in the wrong place. It’s easy to become damaged. Even certain kinds of ink will fade over time, risking your data further.

Using mobile apps to record audits ensures your health and safety information remains intact. From incident reporting to inspections to an everyday audit, you need to ensure your data is captured and retrievable. That’s something that no paper-based system for inspection data capture can promise, like cloud-based audit apps.


Audit apps are vital for organizations to improve all audit processes and inspection times. Similarly, the improved efficiency, lower maintenance costs, and cloud-based data storage solutions ensure more expedient and effective data retrieval. With a cloud-based platform, retrieving data from inspections or audit forms is faster than paper files could ever be.

Dynamic automation and other technological advances allow your health and safety department to advance well beyond the invention of paper in the 4th century (papyrus). Dynamic workflows combined with customizable features make inspections easy and more effective.

Lastly, a reporting app like 1st that can save documents like training or safety data sheets in its cloud-based servers means you can do so much more than merely record data from an audit.

Auditing App FAQs

Is a cloud-based solution really better than paper forms? Can I print my reports if needed?

Yes, a cloud-based reporting platform is a much better, more robust, and more cost-effective solution than using a paper-based system. Similarly, if you need to print your reports for any reason, a reporting app like 1st should allow you to easily print your data when required.

What if I want to change my audit sheet?

Customization is the name of the game when it comes to audit apps. Robust apps will allow you to customize your audit forms to suit your specific business unit requirements.

Can I try 1st Reporting before committing to a plan?

Of course, at 1st Reporting, we offer a free trial tier of the basic application. Similarly, we’re happy to provide a walkthrough of the full feature set so you can truly gauge the use case for your organization.

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