About 1st Reporting

1st Reporting is a pioneer in mobile reporting solutions for today's innovative companies and organizations. Our roots in the mobile application world, via our parent company emAPPetizer, allow us to offer an unparalleled understanding of the complex needs of large-scale operations.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to empowering your field teams, providing secure and efficient solutions that streamline your reporting process and replace the clutter of paper with the convenience of digital storage. Our cloud-based incident reporting app and web software ensure quick and secure reporting of field events from any device, anytime, anywhere.

1st Reporting Company Team Members
About Our Founders
Bruce Seidel and Francis Filion, both leaders in their fields, came together to form 1st Reporting. Bruce, with his vast experience in the tech industry and deep understanding of business operations, alongside Francis, a versatile and highly skilled software developer, created a tool that would change the way companies approach incident reporting.

Our Team

Bruce Seidel, CEO

Bruce Seidel, President

Bruce Seidel, our president, has spent over three decades in the technology and business development sectors. With his primary focus being the integration of latest technologies to enhance operational efficiency, he brings a wealth of knowledge and unique skills to our operations. Bruce is known for his effective deployment of applications across a range of industries and his profound understanding of integration challenges faced by organizations. He is committed to profoundly impacting your company's operations.

Francis Filion, CTO

Francis Filion, CTO

Francis Filion, our CTO, is a versatile and talented software developer with over 20 years of experience. He is always on the lookout for new technologies and excels at prioritizing work across different projects to meet deadlines. Francis possesses a good teamwork spirit and is focused on ensuring the success of his projects. His specialties include web and mobile application development, utilizing various languages and programming concepts.